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Greetings for the day,

I have created solution using SDK which can delete the attachments from the Emails in CRM 2016.

In CRM, email attachments can be removed only if email is drafted. We can create a workflow to change the status of the emails and then delete the attachments manually. But practically it is not possible to manually delete the attachments from hundreds of emails.

I found THIS.

This tool was a tool developed by Jason Lattimer, and it used to delete the bulk delete the attachments using a custom workflow.

So, the steps are
1. Create a workflow to change the status of the email.
2. Import the solution available in HERE.
3. Create another workflow to delete attachment and add the step which will be available after importing the solution mentioned in step 2.
4. Advance find the emails having attachments. The emails having largest attachments should be processed first.
5. Run first workflow to change the status.
6. Run second workflow to delete the attachments

In this workflow, I don’t know whether we will be able to change the status of the emails again back to the previous one. Also, this solution doesn’t work in CRM 2015 update 1.1. I tried to find an updated solution for this, but I couldn’t.

So, since then I was planning to create an updated version of that workflow which will work in Carina. Most of the CRM orgs are now being updated to CRM 2016. So, the plan was changed solution was created for Ara.

These are the steps
1. Import the solution.
2. Advance find the emails with largest attachments
3. Select them and run the on-demand workflow which will be available after importing the solution.

Here, we don’t need to change the status of the email. Solution is tested on 3 different CRM 2016 online vanilla organizations, and one CRM 2016 on premise vanilla organization as well. However, we might need some more tests to find out how it works with already customized CRM. Still I think it should be fine.

I hope this helps everyone.

There are few more things that we can create. I am new to the word of CRM development, though

Any feedback is appreciated.

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